Top 10 travel blogs in November

Blogger of the Month

Blogger of the Month

As always the the blog team have been busy finding new and exciting blogs throughout November.

This month there have been some great blogs about winter destinations, and though talk has started to turn to Christmas and all of the delights it entails, there have been beautifully sunny destinations pulling focus.

Check out the Top 10 November blogs:

Every November we also mark Armistice Day in Europe, which prompted Traveling Ted to give us five battlefield sites in Belgium and France that we should all visit.

Journalist Abi King visits the home of Cologne, Eau de Colonge to be precise. Her blog Inside the Travel Lab tells of the fascinating history of how the production of Eau de Cologne came to be. (Click on the 'Tempt Me' tab at your peril!)

Al at The Red Dot blog cheerily skips over the idea of queuing for museums in Amsterdam. Instead Al wanders through the essence of the city, picking out some highlights such as the shopping, the eats and one particularly touching engraved bench.

The Inspiring Travellers, John and Andrea, have compiled a festive photo essay on Vienna’s Christmas markets. Unless you’re a Christmas Grinch, you’ll be tempted to join them.

Not only is the place famed for its super amazing spa facilities (See the guide to Reykjavik), the coming year’s Aurora borealis is set to be a spectacular display - The Iceland travel blog gives the definitive guide to why you can't miss it.

If you like your food, and you want it cheap and authentic then check out this great write up of Barcelona's Budget Bites (from old favourite of ours Europe Budget Guide) before your next break to Barcelona.

Dubrovnik is a fantastic destination to explore, as is Croatia itself. But if you want to broaden your exploration while staying in Dubrovnik do as La Tortuga Viajera did and border hop to see some of the area's raw picturesque beauty.

Travel photography usually revolves around evocative images of dreamy destinations, but this quirky take on what travel within cities is really like by Sands and Flipflops is a great insight into city break destinations.

If you've sampled Egyptian cuisine before then you’ll definitely want to try it again. Check out this great blog by PR girl Anya (who loves to meow by the way), and make yourself a tasty Kofta wrap, or perhaps some Baklava in preparation for a forthcoming trip, or in memory of a holiday to Egypt gone by.

Bloggers are going crazy for Croatia at the moment – here’s the second of our November batch that focused on this beautiful country. For a real mix of old and new in Split, the Hecks at Hecktic Travels took a cultural tour around the city…

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