Top 10 Travel blogs in August

Blogger of the MonthWith an extra few weeks to choose our blogs the easyJet Holidays bloggers this month should feel even more special than usual!

Week on week we read and enjoy hundreds of blogs, which means we're in touch with hundreds of great bloggers the world over - if you aren't mentioned, by all means get in touch and tell us about your blog and how great it is.

Invading Holland is the story of Stuart, "an accident prone Englishman" in Amsterdam - This funny post covers the typically Dutch phenomenon of circle parties...

Solo Traveller is one of the more professional travel bloggers out there, with a site to prove it - Our choice of posts in this instance is an extremely useful one, click here to read about Solo travel mistakes to avoid.

Our second Netherlands post, with some great images to accompany it - "Underwater cycling - only in the Netherlands!" basically sums up what this short post from Richard Tulloch is about.

Its always nice to hear reassuring news about destinations we love to go to - Egypt expert (our words, not his) Keith Grenville writes that Egyptian tourism officials are expecting a boom in tourism to Sharm El Sheikh as former President Hosni Mubarak was removed to Cairo.

James Clark has been wandering the world since 2003, blogging away from Nomadic Notes - every now and then you need to take the high road and what a road he's found in NYC.

One of our favourite Egypt bloggers Rob Atherton from Big Big Marble blog has a series of posts under the Egypt tab - here's a post on his blog about Dahab and we definitely think you should read it.

Tenerife-based blogger and photographer Island Momma gives her take on the beautiful island in words and photographs in her blog - The post we picked as one of our faves was this one about the magical mountains of Anaga.

Not only do we love it when our guest bloggers give a proud mention of their post on this blog - we love Tony's enthusiasm for his local Jazz scene, and that's why he's our 'Prague Jazz expert'.

Always at the bleeding edge of what's happening in Venice Venetian Cat writes about the cultural goings on there, too often missed by even the most enthusiastic tourists - Musing on the curious meeting of East and West through history in Venice, Cat discusses a visiting Chinese opera at the Goldoni Theater in Venice.

Marie-Eve is one of our busiest followers on twitter, but she also writers for EuroTripTips - revisiting Prague for a 48 hour, instead of a 24 hour trip, Marie even has time to drag her poor husband to a brewery. So Marie, was it better the second time around?

... We lied, there are 11 top blogs in August!

Holidaymakers definitely have something to learn from travel-savvy backpackers - Backpacker turned travel writer Tom gives you the best ways of making your currency go further in 5 simple Tips

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