The Ultimate Rome Blogger List 2011



Rome, the Eternal City and the ancient Caput Mundi (capital of the world), is a land of lost empires, incredible history, beautiful architecture and trendy living.

So it's no wonder city breaks to Rome are an ever popular choice. With great food, sights and things to do there is lots to take in! But where to go with so much choice?

Luckily we've scouted out some great bloggers in Rome that cover everything from keeping it cheap to eating in the top restaurants, check out the list below for some great reads!

Living in Rome A top blog written by a British expat living in Rome, excellent for finding reviews on events in the Eternal city - everything from concerts to art exhibitions.

Rome Photo Blog The Rome Photo Blog was created to give a different view of the city, to show it in a different light to how people envisage Rome. No object or monument is above inclusion to this album.

The Italian Job A blog that offers often amusing tales of an Englishman's new life in Rome. Follow the blog as he aims to tick off his list of rules to live by in Rome.

Revealed Rome Revealed Rome is a fantastic round up of tips, tricks and things to do when visiting Rome, a must read if you want to find out about the lesser known attractions.

My Life in Rome An American expat blogger documenting her time in the Italian capital. A blog full of great write ups of things to do, recipes to try and things to see in Italy as a whole.

Unamericana a Roma An amusing read on life in Rome from another American expat, sharing experiences of the small and big things in the city. Sometimes written in Italian!

Daily Rome A simple yet delightful creation, Daily Rome brings you a photo every day from the streets of the capital city.

Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino A foodies take on living in Rome, great photography of and travel stories in and around Rome.
This blogger has also created a picture blog about rome, be sure to check it out too

Buzz in Rome A blog with the aim of showing tourists the soul of the Eternal city, not just the famous landmarks. Find other attractions in Rome that allow you to escape the crowds.

Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome If you're planning a foodie trip to Rome then this blog is a must read. Great restaurant reviews, photos and recipes. A top read even if you're not heading to Rome!

Browsing Rome A blog dedicated to providing top tourist information from an expat who has had lots experience showing many friends around the city. Everything from the main tourist attractions to top restaurants to try is covered in this informative blog.

Young in Rome Young in Rome is a round up of what's going on in Rome that will interest Rome's younger visitors, written by young expats who have their fingers on the pulse.

World Citizen in Rome A well travelled blogger who has now settled in Rome writes about adventures, observations and experiences of the city. Find great reads on trips in and around Rome.

Stories from Italy A useful blog full of great tips for visiting the Italian capital. Stories from Italy, offer both useful insight and tips for keeping costs down on your next break to Rome.


As we expected we've had some great suggestions for other top Rome blogs to check out - have a read of these additions to the original list.

Parla Food A very comprehensive blog written by a Rome based American food and travel writer. Not only discover top foodie tips in Rome, but also London, Turkey, Naples and New York, plus some great travel tips thrown in too.

L'Avventura Romana A nice blog written by an American living in the Eternal City that is described as a smattering of observations, highlights, frustrations and tips that is served up with a healthy contorno (side dish) of humour without a coperto (cover charge).

Rachel's Rome Writings A space for all things Rome related, that encompasses recommendations on everything from Archaeological sites to B+B's. Some great round ups of the sights in the city.

d a r i u s a r y a d i g s One for the archaeology travellers, written by an archaeologist who has featured on the Discovery, National Geographic and History channels. Follow Darius Arya's blog about excavation and conservation in Rome and Ostia Antica.

Tom Rankin's Still Sustainable City BLOG: Rome If architecture is your thing then this is a must read for you, an interesting read into sustainable and ecological architecture and design in Rome. Great thoughts and observations.

Rome Secret After a little hiatus this nice Rome blog is back alive and kicking. A great round up of Rome musings and bits of the city that Alice has stumbled across.

If you think a Rome blog has escaped our attention let us know in the comments below and we'll check it out!

Don't forget to put up your 'Rome Local Expert' Badge and show off to all your visitors! Keep up the great blogging!

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  • Food Lover’s Odyssey

    A very good list, almost all I follow regularly, and I will check out the 2 that are new to me. As Rome is such a great food city and being a Rome food lover, I must say there should be three more added to the list:  Parla Food, Tavole Romane and Puntarella Rossa.  For those looking for great eats in Rome, these blogs dish out what, where & when to eat the best food. Parla Food is in English. Tavole Romane translates some of their posts into English, and has an easy translator at the bottom of each post. Puntarella Rossa is in Italian, but you can translate on your own; they provide in depth reviews of restaurants and many best of lists for the eternal city. 

  • Elizabeth Minchilli

    Thanks for including me in this great roundup!

  • Marie Dolcini

    Thanks for compiling this useful list. I humbly suggest you consider adding my Rome-based blog as well 

    I'd describe it thus: A smattering of observations, highlights, frustrations and tips from the standpoint of an American living in the Eternal City served up with a healthy contorno (side dish) of humor and without a coperto (cover charge). 

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Thanks for the suggestions, some great recommendations. 

  • Alice

    also ROMESECRET which took a break but is back now and still has an addicted following

  • Shirley Cottaar

    and mine....available in Dutch Language:

  • katieparla

    Thanks for adding me! It's great to be in such nice company!

  • Naina

    This is a great list! I'd also like to humbly submit mine, I'm a student who just moved here from a small town in New York, and my blog revolves mostly around food, but also other wonderful things that Rome has to offer.

  • Anonymous

    Burnt by the Tuscan Sun offers an irreverent look at Italy, life in Rome, and other tales from an expat perspective...

  • Dana

    My blog is about all things culinary, mostly Italian -- I'm an American chef who lived in Rome for many, many years. Also reviewed Rome restaurants for Time Out and Fodor's for 7 years. I now split my time between NYC and Rome, and am always traveling...:

  • Theitalianj0b

    MY life in Rome, well a search for happiness in Rome!

    Needs adding to the list!

  • George Wells

    A great list of blogs. I shall enjoy following these closely. Please also follow mine here:, blogging about settling in Italy and Rome, a young British family get to grips with Roman life, highs and lows. Hope to see you soon!


  • Maria Pasquale

    Wow! Just came across this list of bloggers and writers.. most of which I follow but a few that I hadn't heard of.  Great initiative.. and I of course, add mine to the list... Heart Rome (my life and times in the eternal city) Enjoy and tanti saluti da Roma

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