The Ultimate Paris Travel Blogger List 2011

Paris Travel BloggersParis; the city of love, fashion, cuisine, culture and so much more. This fantastic city is not only a must visit but a must visit again and again….and again. There is so much to experience on a city break in Paris that you’ll be spoilt for choice, but don’t take our word for it, hear it from the people in the know. Here’s our list of top Paris bloggers who provide countless pages of top articles about living, breathing, holidaying, shopping in Paris. Take a look at the blogs below for a little inspiration on your next Paris break and if you’re lucky enough to be one of these fantastic bloggers show off to all your friends with the easyJet Holidays ‘local expert’ badge below.

Paris Weekends: This blog does exactly what it says on the tin. With inspiration for the weekend as well as top tips, upcoming events and practical guides to enjoy, this blog is a fantastic resource if you’re looking for some handy advice on a trip to Paris.

Totally Frenched Out: More than just a Paris blogger this blog is a lovely snap shot of life in France and a really enjoyable read.

The Joys of Paris: A former model / fashion writer shares her thoughts on travelling and living in Paris. It’s a great guide to what’s happening in Paris as well as a handy port of call for wannabe ex pats, tourists and Paris lovers worldwide.

Rue Rude: A fantastic American blogger in Paris talks about life and fascinating experiences in Paris. This witty writer is well worth a read whether you’re off to Paris or not.

God, I love Paris: A blog about Paris and New York offers so fantastic photography and tales of city life.

La Mom in Paris: Great blog posts from an American mother living in Paris. Don’t miss this blog’s wonderful insight into the unknown Paris.

Hip Paris: This Paris favourite provides some great insight into Paris and its surrounding areas with articles ranging from eco vacations in Brittany to where to fall in love in Paris.

A Girls Guide to Paris: This group of female writers offer up all kinds of foodie and fashion tips. Don’t miss the regular wine and recipe of the month section.

French Essence: This blog gives its readers thoughts on French life. The Australian writers loves France and its way of life making this a great blog to read up on what to expect from a French holiday.

Paris Walks: A one stop shop for walk throughout Paris, whether it’s a walk to dedicated to fashion past petite boutiques and a global fashion houses or a walk past all of the stunning attractions in Paris.

Secrets of Paris: Travel journalist, Heather Stimmler-Hall let you in on all of Paris’ top secrets with some fantastic resources from Parisian money matters to getting around the city.

An Alien in Paris: Regular blogposts of an outsiders view of Paris, well worth a read especially the recent article on Monumenta 2011.

Unlock Paris: Great articles from ‘I heart Paris’ about everything that there is to love about this fantastic city from food and fashion to art and design.

Paris (Im)Perfect: A great travel blog about Paris from a writer who upped and moved to the French capital on a whim.

52 Martinis: A great guide to the best cocktail bars in Paris, perfect if you’re looking for a few well deserved drinks after exploring the Louvre all afternoon.

Je Ne Sais Quoi: Another expat blogging about their experiences in their new chosen home. It’s a great, quirky read and well worth checking in on now and then.

Prete-Moi Paris: Some excellent blogging from this wonderful blogger don’t miss a recent favourite post about Velib, the bicycle hire service.


A few late additions to the list of grand Paris bloggers:

Lost in Cheeseland: Written by an American expat living in Paris, some great Paris travel tips to be had, the recurring 'Francophile Friday' feature is well worth checking out too.

Prêt à Voyager: "Travel is not about where you go, but how you see the world" reads the tagline, and a veritable visual feast is there for the taking as blogger Anne snaps her way around the City.

Paris by Cell Phone: An imaginative blog dedicated to posting Cell Phone pictures of Paris, all set to daily themes. Go here to enjoy the likes of 'Monument Monday', 'Where is it Wednesday' and 'Special Saturday'

Peter's Paris: A very comprehensive blog written by a retired Swede who now calls Paris home. Lots of pictures and great insight into the stuff that makes Paris great.

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  • La Mom Paris

    So honored to be part of the list! What fabulous company La Mom in Paris keeps!

  • Joni

    Sad not to see on the list. I love them!

  • Kim – I Heart Paris

    Thanks for including us on the list! 

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  • Sarah Towle

    What a great list! Will share far and wide...

  • Sarah Towle

    Great List! Je suis d'accord! Will share it far and wide...

  • oneglobe

    Needs links to each blog.  Links = blog love

  • Like home in Paris

    Congrats guys and gals!

  • Karin (an alien parisienne)

    Well, thanks, easyJet! I was excited to see several of my friends' blogs here on this list, and was totally surprised to see my own there in the list, too. Thank you so much for the inclusion! I appreciate it. (P.S. I love flying easyJet from Paris to my best friend's place in Antibes. It's always been 100% a pleasure to do so!)

  • Karin (an alien parisienne)

    Another P.S. -- I am a huge fan of Peter's Paris as well, and his blog very worthy of checking out. He has fantastic ideas of things to see and do in the city & great photos too: I'd also be remiss if I did not link in the site of my better half, Paul, who posts daily at Paris By Cell Phone: :)

  • Vicki Archer

    A mille merci's for the mention...I am in great company and most appreciative of being included.....xv

  • forest

    as Karin said...thanks for including us, but nice as well to see some of my other fellow knowledgable writers in there as well! (and I second the shoutout to :)

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    Thanks for including me, guys! Give me a shout out if you'd be interested in a guest post! 

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