The Top Driest Places in Europe

Almeria, Spain

Spaghetti Westerns of Almeria. Photo credit: Carlos M Gonzalez

With heavy rain set to pour on down over the UK – the outlook is bleak for most of us.

Some areas of the UK are set to have over a month’s worth of rain over the next three days and there could even be gusts of wind up to 50mph.

To ease the mind, here are the top driest places in Europe, to give you hope, inspiration, and ideas – just in case the flooding doesn’t stop!

Almeria, Spain

Situated in Andalusia, on the southern coast of Spain, Almeria is a city which has an average of 26 rainy days a year! It’s the only European city that boasts less than 200mm of rain per year. The sunshine is unbeatable too – with around 3,000 hours of it per year!

The city is so famous for its arid climate that many spaghetti western films were filmed there, as well as parts of Lawrence of Arabia.


Crete vineyard. Photo credit: Francesco Sgroi


Crete has around 50 days of rain per year and has an enviable top average year round temperature of 21C.


It’s no wonder that Majorca remains a firm favourite with holidaymakers – it also only has around 50 rainy days during the year! Whether you’re partying on the beach or enjoying the wonderful scenery, you’re guaranteed to have less rain than in the UK, whenever you visit!

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