Famous Monuments Around Europe: What Are They Worth?

Eiffel Tower in Paris

No matter where you are in Paris, the Eiffel looms. Credit: Polly Allen

A recent study has estimated how much certain major monuments are worth to their countries, with incredible results.

Find out how much they're worth to the country and see how much easyJet Holidays has found it costs to pay a visit to these icons.

The tourist attractions on the list are essential parts of visiting the area, for example the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona is one of its most popular places to visit, and it's reckoned that the amazing building (designed by Gaudi, no less) is worth £71 billion to the Spanish economy. But which landmark was given the biggest price tag?

  • The Eiffel Tower, Paris = £344 billion
  • The Colosseum, Rome = £72 billion
  • The Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Barcelona = £71 billion
  • The Duomo Cathedral, Milan = £65 billion
  • The Tower of London (obviously in London!) = £56 billion
  • The Prado Museum, Madrid = £46 billion
  • Stonehenge, Salisbury = £8.3 billion

The study was commissioned by Italy's Monda and Brianza Chamber of Commerce and looked at what the monuments brought to the local area in terms of their image and branding - gladiators in Rome, anyone? And let's face it: you can't imagine a trip to Paris without glimpsing the Eiffel Tower. Even if you skip one of these important landmarks when you're visiting the area, you certainly can't escape them being symbols that we all instantly recognise.

What's also interesting for us as tourists is how much it costs to add one of these monuments to your travel agenda. The easyJet Holidays blog has done some detective work and found out just how much it will set you back to see them up close.


The Colosseum by night... worth a visit!

  • The Eiffel Tower = €14 adults; €12.50 ages 12-24; €9.50 ages 4-11; free for children under 4.
  • The Colosseum = €15.50 adults; €10.50 EU reduced ticket for ages 18-25; €4.50 EU complimentary ticket for under 18s or over 65s.
  • The Sagrada Familia = €13.00 adults basic; €17.00 adults with audio guide; €15.00 under 18s, students and retired people with audio guide; €11.00 under 18s, students and retired people basic; free for the under 10s.
  • The Duomo = access to the terraces by taking the lift €12; terraces by taking the stairs €7; terraces by lift with access to the baptistery and treasure €13; terraces by stairs and access to the baptistery and treasure €10.
  • The Tower of London = £20.90 adults; £17 students and over 60s with ID; £10.45 children under 16; under 5s go free; £55 family ticket with 2 adults and up to 6 children. Prices include a voluntary donation.
  • The Prado = €12 adults; €6 over 65s, members of large families, people with Youth Cards; free for under 18s, students 18-25, unemployed, those with disabilities.
  • Stonehenge = £7.80 adults; £7 students and over 60s; £4.70 children aged 5-15; free for the under 5s; £20.30 family ticket with 2 adults and up to 3 children.

Do you have a favourite out of the list, or do you prefer other attractions? Share your views below.

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