Celebrate Your Anniversary Like Royalty

William and Kate

The happy couple on their special day. Image credit: Robbie Dale

This time last year the British public ditched work, grabbed their tea and cucumber sandwiches and headed to the streets to celebrate a very royal occasion.

The wedding of the year featured king-to-be Wills and his lovely bride Kate Middleton tying the knot in front of royalty, celebs, a miserable bridesmaid and Pippa Middleton’s best assets. We gossiped, we cooed, we waited for THE dress, we even bet on whether Kate’s dad would cry (apparently!).

Kate and Wills may have fled to the Seychelles for their honeymoon but as their one year anniversary approaches, surely it’s time for another getaway fit for royalty? They deserve a break fit for a king (pun intended!) So, Kate, Wills, you newlywed lovebirds, here’s some ideas to help you choose your perfect anniversary trip.


Kate and Wills scuba diving

What the royal couple could look like scuba diving

Year of Cotton

Kate and Wills are probably traditionalists when it comes to wedding anniversary gifts. Usually the first year anniversary is celebrated with cotton but it’s unlikely the royal couple will be exchanging monogrammed handkerchiefs. Instead they could indulge in a little luxury and head abroad to get their hands on some Egyptian cotton from the country itself.

Sharm El Sheikh is the place to be seen in Egypt. Kate and Wills would fit in perfectly at an all-inclusive, poolside serviced posh hotel. The area is renowned for its diving and water sports; the perfect place for Kate to show off her swimming and sailing skills while sporty Wills explores the area on horseback or does some name dropping on one of the many golf courses.


The Island of Love: Cyprus

What could be more appropriate for a Royal Wedding anniversary than the ‘Island of Love’? Birthplace to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, Cyprus is about as romantic as you can get. The golden, sandy beaches and crystal clear Mediterranean Sea are ideal for relaxing and forgetting all about Royal visits and corgis.

Tucked away on the coast, the village of Polis is a hidden gem of luxury amongst the nearby busy tourist resorts. Its traditional feel is perfect for enjoying some peace and quiet and warming through British skin!

For a chance to show off their dance moves, they are only young after all, the happy couple could head to Aiya Napa where the party only stops when you do. It probably doesn’t stop at all if there are Royals in town.


Kate and Wills on the beach

The happy couple hand in hand. Image credit: Gareth Williams

Amore Ti Amo

"I love you, my love". If Kate and Wills were going to coo over each other, then they’d probably do it in Italian. The whole country oozes romance, from the stunning Italian Lakes to Verona, the setting of the ultimate love story - Romeo and Juliet.

The Italian Lakes span the Lombardy region and are scattered with greenery, National Parks, flora and fauna. Lake Como provides a combination of bustling cafes and tranquil boat trips while Lake Garda ticks all of the thrill seeking boxes with great hikes and a huge theme park nearby.

The beautiful region is perfect for enjoying the Italian sunshine and topping up tans. Or Kate could take a city break to Milan, the fashion capital: there must be a designer handbag there that she doesn’t own yet!


Now for something completely different…

Kate is far from shy when it comes to setting a trend; millions across the world have copied her fashion sense and hairstyle. So, if they jet set for their anniversary, could they start a new holiday fashion? They might decide to go for something completely different and ditch the swimwear in favour of some hiking boots and head out to Reykjavik, Iceland: it could be the perfect place for them to escape the paparazzi.

Kate and Wills skiing

A blast back to their earlier days: Romantic skiing

The capital, Reykjavik, is the best place to start. The Blue Lagoon cures that post-flight feeling in an instant and the city is fascinating to explore. It’s easy to organise trips out of the centre, so Kate and Wills could enjoy a spot of glacier climbing, whale watching or just spend days sampling the amazing seafood restaurants.

This year is supposed to be one of the best in a long time for seeing the Northern Lights. Nothing says romance like cuddling up to watch one of the most spectacular natural light shows the world has to offer.

Who says all this glitz and glamour is for VIP guests only? Celebrate your anniversary like royalty this year and think ‘What Would Will and Kate Do’, a sure fire hit for romantic holiday success.


About the Author: Rebecca Hunt is a freelance copywriter based in the Steel City of Sheffield with big ambitions to become a travel or food writer – preferably both at the same time! She plans to see the world one story at a time, narrated by her and captured by her photographer boyfriend. See more at: http://www.rebeccawrites.co.uk/