The Ultimate Rome Blogger List 2011



Rome, the Eternal City and the ancient Caput Mundi (capital of the world), is a land of lost empires, incredible history, beautiful architecture and trendy living.

So it's no wonder city breaks to Rome are an ever popular choice. With great food, sights and things to do there is lots to take in! But where to go with so much choice?

Luckily we've scouted out some great bloggers in Rome that cover everything from keeping it cheap to eating in the top restaurants, check out the list below for some great reads!

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Top 10 Travel blogs in July

Blogger of the MonthIt's been another great month this month, with plenty of blogs to choose from, but the time has come again for the easyJet Holidays team to choose the best of this month’s blog so far.

Every week we flick through hundreds of blogs, and if you feel like you've been unfairly missed out of our roundup then by all means get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

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You’d be mad not to: The 10 unmissable sights of Florence

Credit: Amanda Ruggeri, Duomo from a distance

Credit: Amanda Ruggeri, Duomo from a distance

The cradle of the Renaissance, Florence isn’t just one of the most beautiful cities in Italy—it’s also one of the most important and fascinating cities in the whole world.

And, to truly experience Florence on your holidays in Italy there are some sites you just can’t miss. Here are our top ten!

Duomo First started in the 13th century, by 1418 all of the Duomo had been built…except for the dome, conceived as the crown jewel of the church. With the previous head architect dead, nobody had any idea how to finish the job. Enter Brunelleschi. He not only managed to build the dome, but made it the largest the world had ever seen. It’ll make your jaw drop even today!

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The Ultimate Paris Travel Blogger List 2011

Paris Travel BloggersParis; the city of love, fashion, cuisine, culture and so much more. This fantastic city is not only a must visit but a must visit again and again….and again. There is so much to experience on a city break in Paris that you’ll be spoilt for choice, but don’t take our word for it, hear it from the people in the know. Here’s our list of top Paris bloggers who provide countless pages of top articles about living, breathing, holidaying, shopping in Paris. Take a look at the blogs below for a little inspiration on your next Paris break and if you’re lucky enough to be one of these fantastic bloggers show off to all your friends with the easyJet Holidays ‘local expert’ badge below.

Paris Weekends: This blog does exactly what it says on the tin. With inspiration for the weekend as well as top tips, upcoming events and practical guides to enjoy, this blog is a fantastic resource if you’re looking for some handy advice on a trip to Paris.

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Top 10 Jazz Experiences in Prague

So what's the real scene and what's just an act for tourists? Who are the essential acts to see, and where are the best places to see them? Can I sit next to the President? Here are 10 great jazz experiences to take in on your Prague holiday.

Credit: Matt Perich, Bass player in AghaRTA

Credit: Matt Perich, Bass player in AghaRTA

Prague’s Jazz scene is world-famous and with good reason: Jazz was an important form of artistic expression during the years of Communist censorship, and there is still an active and creative jazz scene in the city.

With so many musicians and venues it can be hard for visitors to know where to start. If you're looking for something different to do on your holiday in Prague, then look no further as guest blogger Tony Emmerson gives you his exclusive guide to Prague's jazz scene.

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Top 10 Travel Blogs in June

Blogger of the MonthIt’s that time again, here are the easyJet Holidays’ blog team’s favourite June blog posts. Well done to all that feature in the latest round up – keep up the great posts! Have you come across something that you feel should be included? Then let us know – we love reading new bits! Feel free to show off your recognition with a ‘blogger of the month’ badge, simply copy the text to display it on your blog.

Some top tips for visiting Paris from an expat blogger. Read lostincheeseland’s pointers that cover everything from getting around the city of light to the best place to sample the culture…how about in the local supermarket?!

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Five Fabulous Things to Do in Rome

Pantheon, RomeHeading to the romantic Italian city of Rome? Whether you are heading for a holiday or just a short city break to Rome, there is lots to do in this popular European destination, here’s an overview of top five things to do:

1. Discover the Pantheon & Roman Forum
The religious capital of Rome is known for its ancient architectural gems and the famous Pantheon and the fascinating Roman Forum are both excellent examples of this. The Pantheon has been in use for over two thousand years, can you imagine how many feet have walked the magnificent marble floors? If Continue reading Five Fabulous Things to Do in Rome

Top 10 Holiday Anthems

Sunbeds and umbellas on beachSummer holidays means chilling out, enjoying the sunshine and just generally having a good time! Here’s a collection of 10 songs that should get you in the mood for having a fabulous break from it all, perfect for listening before you go and on the beach when you're there! In no particular order:

Katrina & the Waves - Walking on Sunshine
If you want an instant pick-me up to get you in the mood for summer, crank this tune up load! A hit in 1985 this upbeat song has been featured in many TV shows and films since and is synonymous with enjoying the sunshine and feeling good!

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Top 10 Travel Blogs in May

blogger of the monthHere's the monthly round up of the blog team at easyJet Holidays' favourite travel blogs of the month. Congratulations to those of you who made it on the short list! If you've found a blog that you think should be mentioned then please feel free to recommend it to us. If you want to show off your recognition, help yourself to the 'Blogger of the Month' badge and display it on your blog.

Dispel those unnerving myths about the middle east; Jordan
A great write up of what to expect when travelling to Jordan, learn about everything from safety to what the food's like. Read more on Jordan from A Little Adrift blog.

Fancy Budapest in 2 days?
This thorough write up from the 48houradventure blog allows you to get the most out of a fleeting trip to Budapest. Perfect if you're planning a city break to the Hungarian Capital.
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Top Ten Summer Reads

Summer ReadsBy the pool, on the plane, train, or bus, in the park, on the loo, waiting for the kids, in a queue…a good summer read is a summer holiday essential. Here are ten of my favourites for the 2011 season.

An Epic Swindle: 44 Months With a Pair of Cowboys, Brian Reade (Quercus), Non-fiction: Adult (Sport)

This is going to be the guys must read book of the summer: the story of Hicks and Gillett and the biggest scam ever seen in football that nearly brought the complete demise of Liverpool FC. With shady deals, non-existent investors and imaginary money, this story couldn’t seem more fantastical if it had been totally invented!

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