Quirky things to do in Croatia

Croatian island on the Dalmatian Coast with orange rooftops and sailing boats

Croatia is quirky and cool.

Croatia became a member of the EU last month, making it easier than ever before to travel to this Eastern European paradise.

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Famous Monuments Around Europe: What Are They Worth?

Eiffel Tower in Paris

No matter where you are in Paris, the Eiffel looms. Credit: Polly Allen

A recent study has estimated how much certain major monuments are worth to their countries, with incredible results.

Find out how much they're worth to the country and see how much easyJet Holidays has found it costs to pay a visit to these icons. Continue reading Famous Monuments Around Europe: What Are They Worth?

Amsterdam infographic: On Yer Bike

Copenhagenize's listings of the top urban cycling destinations in the world Credit: copenhagenize.eu

Copenhagenize's listings of the top urban cycling destinations in the world Credit: copenhagenize.eu

Enjoy and share this cool infographic the easyJet holidays team had made up in honour of Amsterdam's recently awarded title of #1 urban destination for cycling in the world!

Achieving first place in the copenhagenize index, and beating off the likes of Copenhagen, Barcelona, Berlin and Paris.

Find out how many bikes are stolen, or dredged up from the city's canals, why bikes are a historically controversial symbol, and meet the family of bikes Amsterdam favours best.

So there you have it, perhaps next time you take an Amsterdam holiday you should have a go at cycling in the urban cycling capital of the world?

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Oktoberfest Infographic

It's that time of year when Munich's Oktoberfest is in full swing, the 17 day festival is one of the most famous events in Europe. Along with all the beer related activities, you can expect lots of Bavarian and German traditions.

With more than 5 million visitors a year, there are bound to be some fun facts. Check out the Oktoberfest Infographic for some of the best facts from Oktoberfest...

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Top City Break Markets

Portobello Market
To discover the real traditional charms and delights of any European holiday destination, take a walk through the local market places. Read on for some of the best markets to try on your next city break in Europe and what exactly you can expect to find at each:

Portobello Road, London
You needn’t travel abroad to find some unusual antique finds; try the famous Portobello Road market in London. It’s a serious market place for those looking to buy antiques although it can make an interesting browser for the more causal market shopper. Shops are open all week but visit on a Saturday to experience the street stalls in all their glory!

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1m Brits to travel abroad for Stag & Hen parties

FCO Know before you goeasyJet Holidays have teamed up with the Know Before You Go campaign run by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to provide travellers with up to date travel advice and tips on staying safe abroad. Did you know that new research from the FCO reveals that over one million* Britons are planning to travel abroad for stag and hen parties this year – if you’re one of them, read on!

Around 169,000** of those travelling on stag and hen trips will not have travel insurance and risk coming home out of pocket if they have an accident, get arrested or lose their possessions.

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What’s in a name? You Say Mallorca, I say Majorca…

Destination NamesIt seems it’s not just our luggage that has a tendency to arrive at the wrong destination; figures suggest that 100,000 Brits rock up at the wrong holiday location every year. This is probably partly a reflection of the paucity of our map reading skills, (hands up who has religiously followed their sat nav into the middle of a muddy field?!) but it’s also due to confusion over the names of some of our holiday hot spots. So if you’ve always wanted to know why the same place is called different things then read on…

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Time Flies Infographic

It's always useful to know how long it takes to fly somewhere, this quirky infographic tells you just that in a light hearted way. Spread the word about the Time Flies infographic by copying the html below. Continue reading Time Flies Infographic