Blogger of the Month: May 2012

The easyJet holidays winners of Blogger of the month

The easyJet holidays winners of Blogger of the month

It's that time again - Blogger of the Month for May!

Every month the Holidays blog team choose their 10 most inspiring, thought provoking or funny travel posts of the month gone by.

We love a good read, and we know you do too, so take a look at this month's winners.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for May's blogger of the month then leave a comment below and it will be considered!

Travel of Adam's blog

Ever felt like a kid in a sweet shop when you’re on holiday? Well, Adam’s just beaten that with a trip to a German chocolate factory on his blog, Travels of Adam. Take a peek behind closed doors and see what goes into making irresistible treats such as Easter eggs and marzipan.


One Step Forward


Think Tallinn is just for Stag and Hen parties? Think again. Check out Johnny Ward's evening itinerary, including a 14th Century tavern complete with busty wenches.



Flashpack at Forty


Flashpack at Forty sees intrepid married couple Craig and John spending five months (and counting!) on a round-the-world trip. They’re currently eastwards and have taken some seriously beautiful photos of Japan’s landscape and culture whilst on the road.



European Travelista


Catalonia gets a big thumbs up from Debbie, a.k.a the European Travelista, when she argues the case for visiting this overlooked part of Spain.  With gorgeous food, top notch spa and wellness facilities and plenty of iconic architecture, she certainly makes it sound tempting.





Matt Long of Landlopers enjoys his birthday surprise in Iceland, with a tour of the Golden Circle. Amazing photos of the 300km trip into central Iceland, with waterfalls, ice flows and geyser’s galore. If you’re thinking of a holiday to Iceland, let this fantastic blog provide all the temptation you need!



1 Dad, 1 Kid


One big debate with many travel bloggers is whether you should rely on a guidebook or do your own thing when you visit a new place. Blogging about this thorny issue is Talon Windwalker, over at 1 Dad 1 Kid, who discusses when to consult the books and when to go with your intuition or ask the locals for advice.


Lady Adventurer


How can one city be so full of allure and amazement you say? Well over at the Lady Adventurer, Fran Harris will give you the short version. One of the blog team visited the beautiful city of Nice on the French Riviera, and used this very blog post as a source for inspiration.


The Art of Slow Travel


Cool Berlin. Part of ‘The art of slow travel’s’ photo blog series, ‘Picture Perfect’ a photo guide to Hackesche Hofe. In this edition Denise takes you around the rebuilt Hackesche Hofe courtyards and shows off their Art Nouveau splendour.



Amsterdam City Blog


We should always be thankful for what we do have, the Amsterdam city blog, written by young Annabelle features a nice range of activities and pleasant summer days out in Amsterdam in a rather sweet little blog entry.





Travellers of any kind (on holidays or longer trips) will all agree that travel changes you, and that going back is never a happy prospect, read Anil's philosophical blog about The Second Law of Thermodynamics.


A Traveller's Library

Crikey! There’s a goat in the tree! Holidays to Spain offer lots for tourists to see and do, and seemingly there’s the odd unusual sight to be spotted too. Check out ‘a travellers library’ light hearted snap of the tree scaling goat.




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