Blogger of the Month: April 2012

Blogger of the month - april

The picks for Blogger of the Month

It's that time of the month again - Blogger of the Month for April!  In this regular feature, the easyJet Holidays blog team choose the 10 most inspiring, thoughtful, or funny travel posts of the past month.

From photo essays to entries into this month's competition, and even a video blog - there's a blog for everyone in April's selection!

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With Love From Lohr


With Love from Lohr is May’s blog about life in Lohr Am Main. However, this month she’s been doing a bit of travelling, and has a great post on her recent trip to Amsterdam and the surrounding area. She tries out a canal cruise and goes to the Rembrandt Museum, both of which are great for her and the kids. Like May, you’ll be captivated by the city.


My Far And Away Itineraries


If you’re planning a visit to the Palace of Versailles then do the trip justice and plan well. Julie gives a great break down of a day at the palace and tips on how to get the most out of it. If you’re not planning a visit, check out the blog anyway and see some great photos of the grand palace.


Twenty Something travel


Twenty-Something Travel covers Steph’s adventures around the world as a young explorer. This month you can read about how to see Buenos Aires like a local, and why you should try out solo travel. The post that really stood out from April was her piece on what to do with your old maps once you’ve finished using them – there are some really cool ideas to try out. Map magnets, anyone?


Girl Unstoppable


Photo essays are a great means of making you wish you could visit the destination that has been beautifully snapped. Girl, Unstoppable’s shots of the unique sculptures you can find on a break to Prague offer a great insight of the things to explore in the Czech capital.



Zombie Outbreak


Just because this is a travel-focused blog, that doesn’t mean the team never include non-travel blogs in the BOTM roundup. One entry for the #InspiredbyEgypt competition which took a comic approach was Richard from Zombieoutbreak. Not only did he come up trumps with some fantastic images – he also connects his love of Egypt with Stargate (why didn’t WE think of that?) and some other cult faves like the 1930s film The Mummy.


Quirky Travel


Over at Quirky Travel, Julie is making future plans to visit Venice in style. Taking her inspiration from a very cool photo of Peggy Guggenheim, she’s planning a holiday that includes the sights but remains personal for herself and her husband, with a walking tour that’s a little off the beaten track. Take a tip from Julie’s To Do list and seek out the best Tiramisu for pudding when you go there!


My Beautiful Adventures


My Beautiful Adventures showcases the amazing photos of Andi Perullo, a travel writer who is currently documenting her honeymoon holiday, adding to the 50 countries she’s now visited – now that’s one well-stamped passport. Check out the views from sun-kissed rural Brasil on her blog if you’re looking for inspiration on seeing more of the world.


D Travels Round


Here at the easyJet holidays blog we’re suckers for a great photo, and we love finding new gorgeous places to add to our Pinterest boards, so Dee’s photo blog on the Plitvice Lakes national park in Croatia is a real treat. Check out the stunning images of sprawling walkways through serene woodland, waterfalls and some magical still (clear) water.


Canada's Adventure Couple


What better – or more Italian way – of touring Rome than on a Vespa? Check out the Canadian Adventure couples’ day zooming around the streets of Rome whilst fitting in some essential sightseeing. The outcome looks like a must do day if you’re on a city break to Rome any time soon.


Mindful Wanderlust


Maybe it’s the jazzy musak, or it could be the wobbly video footage of their time there, but travellers Gisele and Cody really sell the whole Egyptian experience! On their visit to beautiful Dahab the pair try snorkelling, quad biking and capture some footage of the resort itself. Too few bloggers use video in their posts, and that’s why these guys are one of the easyJet holidays website blog’s bloggers of the month.


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  • Andi Perullo

    Thank you SO much for the awesome shout out!!!!! 

    • Jo from easyJet Holidays

      No probs Andi! Really loved all your amazing photos in your article :)

  • Roshina

    Hello, I have a travel and style blog that you may want to consider for your monthly blogger roundup: It covers everything from new hotel openings, travel and beauty collaborations, destination reviews and quirky travel ideas. Enjoy!

  • darkdemon

    ZombieOutbreak Represent!

  • Giselle and Cody

    Hi guys! thanks so much for choosing us as one of The  Bloggers of the Month! Glad you enjoyed our video!  :)

  • Molly Sears-Piccavey

    A different take on Living in Spain, could be a interesting blog to add in May list.

  • Jo from easyJet Holidays

    Great comments! Keep your suggestions coming for next month's blogger of the month!

  • May

    Thank you so much for appreciating my write up on Amsterdam!! 

  • Gaelle

    I have a travel and photography blog that could be of interest. I went recently to Mykonos and Santorini with EasyJet and those trips are covered in my blog.

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