Five of the Best Coffee Destinations in Europe

Wherever you choose to drink it, coffee's an international habit!

Are you ecstatic about espresso or crazy about cappuccinos?

It’s time to track down some of the best places to get your coffee fix around Europe, and find out what you should be drinking when you get there.

However you like to enjoy yours, there’ll be a holiday destination serving it just right...

1. Denmark

The Danes call it kaffee and they worship the stuff, with cute cafes on many street corners and baristas getting into the art of serving the perfect cup. They also have the custom of hygge, where you get cosy and hang out with friends or family to just talk and relax, especially in winter; this is often done with a cup of kaffee. One of the most popular chains to visit in Copenhagen is Coffee Collective.

Vienna is the place to start your kaffeehauser adventures. Credit: Shuttlecock

2. Austria

Vienna is said to be one of the best cities in the world for coffee culture, and the Austrians like to spend hours at a time sitting with friends in coffee houses, or kaffeehauser. The traditional things to order here include mélange, which is a frothy espresso drink with milk or cream added, and einspänner, which is an intense black brew topped with whipped cream.

Time for an espresso, Italian-style!

3. Italy

Home to the Coffee Machine Museum in Binasco, Milan, as well as super-brand Illy’s Università del Caffè headquarters in Trieste, it’s safe to say that Italy takes its roasting and tasting very seriously. There are even certain times of the day when it’s appropriate to have specific types of coffee – you’ll know this if you ever try to order a cappuccino after lunch and you’re met with a strange look! However, Italians love espresso at any time, and they often drink it standing up.

Coffee is a big part of Portuguese culture. Credit: Jose Fuente

4. Portugal

Coffee in Portugal is affordable and easy to find; um bica, much like an espresso, typically costs about 50 cents and is a great morning pick-me-up. Specialities include café con musica, which is not for the faint-hearted; this alcoholic drink contains a measure of the ridiculously potent spirit Aguardente, which translates as fire water, blended with coffee.

Served the traditional way in Turkey. Credit: Ceylan Gokgun

5. Turkey

Though it was once illegal to drink coffee in Turkey, back in the 17th century, the Turkish people loved drinking it so much that they happily broke the law to get their caffeine fix. Today you’ll find that many of the styles on offer are very Americanised, but you can still track down the thick and deliciously strong Turkish coffee, or Turk Kahvesi, served in a special pot called a cezve, in traditional restaurants and cafés. Istanbul is one of the best places to enjoy this authentic experience.

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