Beer Europe: Berlin Beer Festival, 2011

Raise a glass in Berlin. Credit: Patricia Hofmeester.

Because there just weren’t enough beer festivals, and Oktoberfest is all the way in September, 15 years ago the people of Berlin (Berliners) came up with the Berlin Beer Festival.

If Berlin’s history, culture and clubbing credentials were not reason enough to holiday in Berlin, then you might just be sold on this world-class event, known to draw in hundreds of thousands each and every year.

The annual three-day beer fest takes place every august along the ‘beer mile’ between Strausberger Platz and Frankfurter Tor, turning the famous Karl Marx Allee into one big beer garden. With live music and entertainment throughout the weekend, and for those who have the patience to wait it out, free samples might be obtained from the numerous beer tents.

Berlin Beer Festival after dark Credit: Bob Gaffney

Berlin Beer Festival after dark Credit: Bob Gaffney

Berlin’s record beer garden bid


The organisers of this year’s international Berlin beer festival are attempting to set a new world record with ‘the world’s longest beer garden’.

Table after table is set to be lined up in a 2000 metre long row stretching across the entire length of the Berlin beer mile and more than 300 breweries, ranging from the world-famous to the lesser-known microbreweries, from a total of 86 countries will be vying for the attentions of an expected 800,000 visitors.

Over the weekend more than 1800 varieties of beer will be poured, including Spaten Oktoberfest and non-alcoholic beers too.

Berliners and their guests are invited by the Beer fest's organisers to attend free of charge (“of course”), and whilst there visitors will be kept entertained with live music and shows, from German as well as international acts. With 18 stages and some traditional German dancing thrown in for good measure, there ought to be plenty to see except the bottom of your cup.

A beer tent at Oktoberfest, 2010

A beer tent at Oktoberfest, 2010

Because of its size the festival is largely open air, as Berlin sees glorious sunshine and temperatures of over 30°C in August. If that isn’t the case, there are tents spread across the entire beer mile to take cover in, and guess what, there's a bar inside too.

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